Bathukamma Festival – बठुकम्मा महोत्सव

Bathukamma, also called as Bodemma, is a festival celebrated by the Hindu Women of the Telangana State, India.

Every year this festival falls in September–October and as per lunar calendar in the Bhadrapada Amavasya, also known as Mahalaya Amavasya.

Batukamma celebrates the inherent relationship between earth, water and the human beings. Women along with their household friends and relatives celebrate this festival in order to pray to the Goddess for prosperity and good health of their family.

The festival begins a week before the grand ‘Saddula Batukamma’ (the grand finale of the Batukamma festival) which falls two days before Dusshera.

After playing in circles around the “Batukammalu”, before the onset of dusk, the women folk carry them on their heads and move as a procession towards a bigger water body near the village or town. The procession is extremely colourful with the decorations of women and the “Batukammalu”. Songs of folklore are sung in chorus throughout the procession and the streets resonate with them.

Finally, when they reach the water pond the “Batukammalu” are slowly immersed into water after some more playing and singing.

Maleeda, a prasadam made of jaggery, is prepared on this day and distributed at the end of the event.


According to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, once upon a time there was a King named Dharmangada who belonged to the Chola Dynasty. After many prayers and rituals, his wife gave birth to a girl child. She was named as Princess Lakshmi.

Baby Lakshmi survived many unforeseen incidents and accidents.The parents felt life and death while bring up their only child. So, the parents named her Bathukamma (Bathuku = life, Amma= suffix to female names and mother).

Since then Bathukamma festival is celebrated by young girls in Telangana region.

The purpose of this festival is to pray to the Goddess in the belief that the young girls would get husbands as per their wish. Further, married women celebrate the festival to pray to the Goddess for good health and prosperity of their family. Flowers are arranged on a plate or square wooden plank or a square bamboo frame in a conical layout. On the top, gynecium of a pumpkin flower or a cone made of turmeric to represent Bathukamma is installed. This floral arrangement is worshipped as Goddess Bathukamma.

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