The Circulatory system

What is the circulatory system?

The circulatory system, is one with many names. It is known as the cardiovascular system or the circulatory system. This system is an extremely important one of your human body systems. The cardiovascular system is the system that contains your blood and even your heart. The organs in the system are the heart, as mentioned earlier, the lungs, these organs are also included in the respiratory system, but they provide oxygen to your blood. The blood vessels and blood are also important parts of the circulatory system.

What is the role of this system?

The main role of the circulatory system is to pump blood, and also all of the necessary nutrients out the the parts in which they are needed. One of the main organs of this organ system is the heart, as it is responsible for part of the main role of the system. The heart must pump blood out throughout your body, and work with all of the other organs to make sure it functions properly.

Diseases that may harm the system

The cardiovascular system is a crucial system that is important and there are some diseases that can harm the system. There are three diseases that are very common to this system. The diseases are heart disease, strokes and high blood pressure. These three diseases are harmful to your body, as they may cause harm to this organ system, and the cardiovascular/circulatory system is important for your body.

Overall, the circulatory system is a very important organ system of your body, and that is part of the human anatomy. You should take good care of this system and make sure you try to stay in good health, so your body keeps functioning properly. The role of the cardiovascular system is to pump blood, and also all of the necessary nutrients throughout the body.