The Skeletal System

What is the skeletal system?

The skeletal system is one of the twelve systems that are part of the human anatomy. The skeletal system contains all of your body’s 206 bones for an adult, or as a child you are born with closer to three hundred bones. As you grow some of your bones fuse together.

What is the role of this system?

The main role of the skeletal system is protection, support, movement, production and even storage. The skeletal system supports all of your organs, and keeps your body in shape and in order. It protects your body and all of your organs, and keeps them from harm. Your bones also provide some support in the movement of your muscles.  Your skeletal system is even able to produce blood. The red bone marrow in your bones produces red blood cells. Your bones are also able to store minerals, and calcium as well for your body.

Diseases of the skeletal system

The skeletal system is an important part of your body. You need to keep your skeletal system healthy, there are many diseases that may threaten the health of this system. one of these serious and harmful diseases is bone cancer.  People can develop bone cancer in a variety of methods. It can spread to your bones through another part of your body, or it may be diagnosed in your bones. More of the many diseases to this body system are leukemia. Leukemia is a cancer, but considering that it is a blood cancer it originates in the bone marrow, where blood cells are produced.

Interesting Facts

The human skeletal system, as an extremely interesting system that is crucial to your body. Your bones may not look alive, but on the inside there is a large network of blood vessels rushing through them. According to doctor James Nance of LifeBridge Health, about 90 percent of people will experience lower back pain in their life.