The Muscular System

What is the Muscular System?

The Muscular system is one of your body’s main organ systems. This system is one of the twelve systems that are a part of the human anatomy. Your muscles are made up of three main categories. The categories in which your different muscles are placed into three categories, in your body you have three main muscles types. The types are smooth, cardiac, and skeletal muscle. Smooth muscle, smooth muscle is usually the muscle that composes most of your multiple internal organs. Cardiac muscle, Cardiac muscle is muscle that is associated with the cardiovascular system. The only cardiac muscle in your body is your heart. Skeletal muscle, skeletal muscle is the muscle that is connected to your bones, often associated with the skeletal system and supporting your body, also these muscles mainly control movement. Skeletal muscles, are usually visible muscles.

Purpose of the Muscular System

The main purpose of the muscular system is to control the body’s movement, and help the bones support the body. Without the muscular system you would not be able to move your body. The muscular system and the skeletal system are both connected, as both of these systems are working together to keep your body standing, it helps support you.

Diseases of the Muscular System

Your muscular system is a crucial part of your body. This system has many diseases that can harm you and make your life harder. A huge issue that can occur, and it is considered a disease that is harmful to the muscular system. It is paralysis. Paralysis can stop and “freeze” your muscles making it impossible to move the paralyzed/harmed area.

Overall, your muscular system is a crucial organ system, that is very important to your body, your health and well being. You should keep your body and muscles healthy by using them (muscles).