Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony, is a great leader, who has majorly influenced modern leadership. But, exactly how did he become known as a great leader. Lets find out!

Marc Anthony, an amazing leader, lived from the dates of 83-30 B.C.E. His parents were Mrs. Julia Antonia, and Mr. Marcus Antonius Creticus. In his 53 years, he provided Rome with prolific success in the terms of warfare, land ownership, prosperity, etc. In his lifetime, he had the pleasure to co-consul with Julius Caesar. He was succeeded by Octavian (Emperor Augustus), and he was preceded by Julius Caesar, Lucius Cornificius, and Sextus Pompeius. In the period of his gracious life he became a part of the Senate, he had led many successful military actions, and also had been a co-consul. During his life, he exemplified many traits such as; Impacts History, Makes Effective Decisions, and Motivates Others.

Marc Antony fulfilled the trait Impacts History because he displayed many examples of historical events that are studied and remembered today. The first example occurred when he became co-consul. He did a big part in Julius Caesar’s reign by supporting him and helping him create a lot of success. Another reason why he was known to impact history was the wars that he won. He brought the people of Rome more land. In wars like the  Battle of Pharsalus, he used many strategies that many military experts use today. Led Rome to prolific victories, which helped their civilization grow and found a lot of the knowledge that we had gained from Rome.

Marc Antony reflected the Motivates Other trait by displaying many examples of motivation that many warfare strategists use today. One example is the battle of Pharsalus. He motivated his army to persevere through harsh conditions and fight to win the war. The roman side had less trophies, but after proper planning and execution, they achieved the victory of the entire war. With his war techniques, they pulled a creative win. Many current warfare strategists use some of his sneaky attacking plans today, in situations where they have a disadvantage in military population.

Marc Antony fully reflected the trait Makes Effective Decisions due to the fact that he displayed many examples of effective decisions that we learn about today. Marc Antony made decisions in life that succeeded in the processes of improving Rome, and improving his life. One example is when parts of the senate was in the midst of planning to kill Julius Caesar. He had to decide either to kill Caesar, help Caesar, or don’t do anything. All of the ways he lost someone, or felt betrayed by people. But in the end, he took the right decision which was to help his colleague.

Marc Antony was a great leader. Like Mahatma Gandhi, he impacted the history of this empire with prosperity, and prolific success. Marc Antony helped his region gain many achievements in Battle of Pharsalus and the wars/attacks of Palestine and Egypt. Due to his great contributions to Rome, a coin on his name was issued, which only the emperor had privilege to. Overall, he is very notable and fully exemplified the leadership qualities Impacts History, Makes Effective Decisions, and Motivates Others.